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Thank you to Amy Inglis, David Berube, and Karen Atherton for consultations and community outreach. Principal Terry Leatherman and Assistant Principal Cheryl Peabody were early and enthusiastic supporters of the project. Teachers Larry Graykin and Brett Chipman lent a hand with their expertise in podcasting.

This was a project of Diane St. Jean’s seventh- and eighth-grade reading classes with the generous collaboration of teachers Jessie Palmer and Tarsha Doyle. Thanks to them for providing scheduling, technical, and hands-on teaching support, and also for their wholehearted enthusiasm and belief in the importance of the project.

Thank you to the students for being willing and eager to do work that we had never done before, for dealing with technical difficulties, and for taking pride in successfully completing work that has lasting value.

Finally, to all those who shared their stories, thank you for making this connection with the young people of Barrington. In our rapidly changing world, it is so important for students to learn that face-to-face conversations with community members can be fun and inspiring. The wonderful outcome of this project is that students have learned that collecting and preserving these stories about the transformative power of reading will be a gift to future readers.